The key components for stair climbing are good leg strength, good aerobic fitness and some upper body strength to use the handrails.

Everyone trains in different ways – it is up to you! Aerobic fitness is extremely important. The Step Up Sky Tower Stair Challenge doesn’t take long but it is physically demanding.

Leg Strength

Incorporate stair climbing into your training – even a couple of flights can be repeated over and over. Steep hills, sand dunes and weight training can all be included to build leg strength. Your local carpark or stadiums are good places to train.

Aerobic Fitness

For first-time entrants or those who need to build up their fitness, start as soon as you can to build up a level of fitness. This is a challenging event and not for the unfit or faint hearted!

We recommend you build up your training over a period of time. You might also wish to seek professional advice from a trainer to set up a programme to cover your specific fitness needs.

If you have a history of cardiac or lung problems, we advise you to seek medical advice before committing to the event and starting to train.

Check out our training tips from Fitbit Ambassador Art Green!

 The lowdown on stair climbing myths

“You will get to the top faster if you go two steps at a time”

It doesn’t really matter whether you take one or two steps, but experienced climbers tell us that the trick is to decide which one you prefer and then stick to it all the way – swapping from one to the other is very energy zapping and likely to slow you down.

“You need to train your arms as well as your legs”

Using the hand rails to help you up the steps can be really beneficial, especially on those last few floors. However, if you haven’t trained to pull yourself up this way, then don’t try it on the day.

“When training, don’t walk back down the stairs and take the lift instead”

This one is true and highly recommended. You need to prepare for 51 flights going upwards continuously and walking down the stairs will use a different set of muscles and put increased pressure on joints. Take the lift if you can before you start again.