Fundraising Tips

There are heaps of easy ways to fundraise! We’ve put together some tips below to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Keys to success are:

  • Plan and don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • Ask everyone you know for donations – those you know are always the most likely to donate
  • Have fun!

Don’t forget you can also download our handy fundraising tip sheet (A4 pdf) to share with your teammates.

How to reach your fundraising goal:

Donate to yourself

It’s a good idea to kick off your fundraising by making the first donation to your page yourself. If you can, set an example for your supporters and make the first donation to your page a decent one – that way people will be more likely to follow your lead.

More heads are better than one

Get your Step Up team together for a fundraising brainstorming session – your ideas can be as simple as organising a lunchtime sausage sizzle for the office, shared lunches or mufti days. Why not think BIG and get other departments or regional offices to sign up to the event as well. The competition is sure to see you climbing up the leaderboard!

Have an action plan

Just like your training schedule, it really helps to plan your fundraising. Dedicate some time each week to fundraising. The key is to start early and maintain your momentum. You will be surprised who will donate if you simply ask!

If you are sending out emails, make sure you go back and ask again to those who didn’t donate the first time. Many people simply forget to donate and your friendly reminder, together with an update on your fundraising progress, is often just what they need to take action.

Promote your online fundraising page

Your fundraising page is your number one resource and your team’s page will be the hub of your fundraising activity. Encourage your supporters to donate online – it’s fast and easy and they can also leave a personalised message. You’ll soon get hooked watching your fundraising total go up and comparing it to everyone else’s!

Some good places to share your fundraising page link:

  • In your work email signature
  • On your LinkedIn profile
  • In Facebook posts

Don’t forget to share your training and fundraising pics on social media using the official event hashtag #stepupclimb to be featured on our website!

Fundraise at work

As you are doing the event as a corporate team, your first place for fundraising should be in your workplace. There are so many ways to fundraise at work – from bake sales, office auctions, movie nights and event evenings to dress up days, raffles and office challenges. Think outside the box and get as creative as possible!

All cash donations received this way can be deposited by you onto your online fundraising page or deposited into our bank account with your details and we will credit your page. Banking information can be found in the FAQ section of the website.

Matched giving

Many employers have match funding programmes where they’ll match dollar for dollar the amount raised by you or your team to a certain amount. Even if your employer doesn’t have such a programme, they may be willing to make a one off donation – all you need to do is ask!

Check with your HR or Corporate Social Responsibility contact in your organisation to see if your company does have a matching programme in place. Let them know what you are doing and the cause it is going to. LBC can help by supplying more information or any official documentation that is needed such as proof of our charitable status.

A corporate donation also receives a tax receipt which can be used to offset tax in its tax return.

Share your journey

Keep everyone you know updated on your training and your fundraising through emails and your Facebook page. Explain why you are taking part and how the funds will you raise will make a difference.

Thank your supporters

Don’t forget to personally thank everyone who donates to you. They will be more likely to share your cause and that might lead to more supporters.

Pro tip: Let supporters know how you went on the day and how much you appreciated their support – extra donations can often come in after the event.

How your money helps

Let your supporters know that every cent that you raise for the Step Up Sky Tower Stair Challenge goes directly towards helping the 6 Kiwis a day that are diagnosed with a blood cancer or related blood condition. You can find more information about the services Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand provide at