How to reach your fundraising goal

Maximise your fundraising online

Listen up, steppers! Promoting your fundraising online is the most effective way to inspire friends, family and work colleagues to donate. Here are some tips to maximise those online opportunities.

Personalise your fundraising page

  • Add a profile photo
  • Share your personal story to help people connect with your cause
  • Post updates, images and videos directly to your page
  • Don’t be afraid to set your fundraising goal high – make it challenging
  • A good way to kick start your fundraising is by making a donation to your own page

Get Social

  • Share your fundraising page wherever you interact with people you know online. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp – the whole lot!
  • Ask the person who does social media for your workplace to share your fundraising link on your company’s Facebook page

Personal ask

  • Tell everyone you talk with throughout the day what you are doing and why! It sounds simple but you will be surprised how many people want to support a good cause.
  • Use emails, texts and private messages to promote your fundraising cause and remember to insert a link to your fundraising page. Remember to people them why you are doing My Step Up Challenge.
  • Many companies are supportive of fundraising for charity. Ask your organisation to match the money you raise with a corporate donation. It is an opportunity to double your fundraising total! If they can’t do it then just request a donation.

Some good places to share your fundraising page link

  • In your work/personal email signature
  • In Facebook and Instagram posts
  • If you’re at university, initiate a fundraising challenge with other halls of residence

More heads are better than one

If you’re part of a team, get together for a fundraising brainstorming session – ideas can be as simple as organising a lunchtime sausage sizzle, selling cupcakes at your work or school, holding a quiz or movie night…. the options really are endless!

Have an action plan

Just like your training schedule, it really helps to plan your fundraising. Dedicate some time each week to fundraising. The key is to start early and maintain your momentum. You will be surprised who will donate if you simply ask!

Don’t forget to share your training and fundraising pics on social media using the official event hashtag #MyStepUpChallenge

Fundraising resources

There are heaps of easy ways to fundraise! Check out our video below featuring some of our top fundraisers sharing their secrets to success, as well as awesome resources to help you get to your fundraising goal.

Proudly supporting LBC poster (A3 pdf)

Four Week Training & Fundraising Plan  (A4 pdf)

Email and Facebook templates (A4 Word Doc)



Do you need more fundraising inspiration or support? Our fundraising team is here to help! Give them a call on 0800 15 15 10 (option 1) or email